Official Announcement

Club Statement


The Normanby Rugby League Football Club is announcing that at the conclusion of the current 2017 season and by mutual decision, Head Coach Lee Addison will be leaving the club.   


The Normanby club has decided not to re-enter the BRL competition in 2018.  Addison’s original 3 year contract was agreed on the basis that the club would return to the BRL in 2018.


Lee Addison said “Normanby RLFC is a fantastic club full of great people, but the agreement I had with them was that I was to be coaching them in the BRL in 2018.  This was agreed at the start with a view to revisiting when the decision on the 2018 season was discussed.    I was a part of those discussions and agree that the club is taking the right direction.  It must honour the wishes of its members and it’s 70 year traditions, which, quite frankly, are more important than my own coaching aspirations at this time.” 


Club president Mitchel Chambers said “As a level 3 rugby league coach we feel it is in Lee’s best interest he pursue a higher level coaching position, something Normanby RLFC are not currently in a position to offer as we are not re-entering the BRL next year. We thank Lee for his effort this season and wish him the best of luck in his future coaching endeavours.  He will also continue his involvement as a club member with both our seniors and juniors, and is always welcome at our club.”