One-On-One with Coach Lee Addison

The season is all but in full swing with our trials starting this week; we caught up one-on-one with head coach Lee Addison for a Q & A heading into this week’s trial:

What has the challenge been like coming to Normanby Hounds?

“Coming to Normanby as the new coach for 2017 onwards was always going to present a challenge.    Two years in the BRL competition where wins were few and far between meant that the club has needed an "uplift" in terms of its spirits and confidence.   Also, due to dropping back to the premier division for a year, it means players who seek a higher level of footy will look elsewhere and possibly return to us once we are back in the BRL in 2018.”

How have you found the playing group?

“We have a strong core of very committed individuals who are Normanby through and through and would play for the club if they were playing on the moon. On top of that, we have also managed to recruit some young, ambitious players with much potential who want to help Normanby re-establish itself in the BRL. They are coming to the club for the long haul and for the right reasons so all credit to them.”

How have you found pre-season?

“We have had a pre-season which has gradually built momentum.  Normanby has all the facilities needed to be successful at the higher level and it is gradually developing the attitude. 

What message do you have for the Hounds supporters?

“I can promise anybody involved that if you come to watch you will see VERY entertaining football.  Due to the make-up of the team, we are going to move it around!”


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