Part two - Thirty year anniversary of five consecutive premierships

Part two - Hard Training, Great Coaches and a Top Player Roster Set the Scene.

Just as important were a group of Samford players who would join us for the 1980 season which would become an important year in the build up to what was to unfold in the next five years. Peter Younger, Chris Farley, Glen Mays, Vic Baszcz and Brian Younger would have a big influence in the Eighties.

Peter Younger would become Captain/Coach in 1981 and bring a new brand of football to the team. As well as being an exceptional footballer, Peter would quickly gain the respect of the senior players and supporters with his tactical nous and innovative coaching style. He laid the ground work for the high workrate and gruelling training schedule which would hold us in good stead throughout the Eighties and be the envy of rival clubs. This was continued by Harry Donnelly from 1984 onwards.

The greatest compliment paid to our training standards was given by Brian Canavan (Roosters current CEO). Brian was head trainer for the Broncos in their first season in 1988. As we shared training facilities at Gilbert Park with the Broncos that year, Brian would comment that we were training harder than the Broncos as he would stay back some nights and give us some of the latest drills after we had slogged it out for two and a half hours. This attitude to our training would give us the stamina required to be in the game right at the end in some close Grand Finals to come.

To be continued........

By Brian Donnelly